Department of Mathematics

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Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics started from the year 2016, the founding of dedicated mathematics departments in universities, and the expansion into new branches such as computational mathematics and interdisciplinary collaboration in recent decades. These developments reflect the enduring importance and continuous advancement of mathematical knowledge in diverse fields of study.


"To be a leading hub of mathematical excellence, fostering a deep understanding of mathematical principles and applications, and inspiring curiosity and innovation in students and faculty alike."


"To provide a dynamic learning environment that nurtures mathematical talent, education, and community engagement, empowering individuals to apply mathematical insights to solve real-world challenges and contribute to the global scientific community."


  • To provide students with an education that goes beyond traditional methods, hands-on learning experiences, and exposure to the latest trends and technologies in the field.
  • Research and education initiatives are designed to have a positive impact on society, addressing challenges
  • Collaboration with industry, government, non-profit organizations, and other academic institutions is essential for leveraging resources, expertise, and real-world application of research outcomes.
  • The department aims to conduct research at the forefront of the field, exploring new ideas, technologies, and methodologies for societal needs.


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