Department of Commerce with Computer Application

Sri Ramalinga Sowdambigai College of Science & Commerce

Department of Commerce with Computer Application

The Department of Commerce with Computer Applications was introduced in the year of 2007 and evolved in response to the growing integration of technology in business. These programs aimed to blend business principles with computer technology to prepare students for careers in finance, marketing, and IT.


“Our vision is to lead in combining commerce and computer technology, preparing graduates with the expertise to thrive in today's tech-driven business world.”


“Our mission is to foster a dynamic learning environment, empowering students with vital skills and knowledge in commerce and computer applications to thrive in the ever-changing business world.”


  • To uphold high academic standards and continually update curriculum to reflect current trends in commerce and technology.
  • To cultivate technical proficiency, analytical thinking, and effective communication to apply technology in solving business challenges for skill development.
  • To instill principles of ethics, integrity, and social responsibility to develop ethical leaders who positively impact organizations and communities to ethical leadership.
  • To Foster a culture of continuous learning among students, alumni, and faculty to adapt to emerging technologies and evolving industry trends for lifelong learning.


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